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Point-to-Point and Multipoint Connections Services

We are specialized in elaborating wireless point-to-point, multipoint broadband network. Whether you are a town, a business, an association, or a collective, we can link your network from one building to another or even connect them directly to our large wireless and optic fibre network at a small cost.

Cover Area Study

A site study is essential to implement a network which works with the area’s topology to assure its efficiency. It consists of evaluating the available locations, which depend on the height and distance between the point-to-point link, to use the best technology to answer your network needs.

The site study is done in 4 parts:

  • A pre-study and analysis of the available locations.

  • A site visit to inspect the existing infrastructures.

  • An analysis of the radio cover with the GPS coordinates.

  • A study report.

Once the study is completed, we can confirm the feasibility, the link’s speed, and the cost to bring it to life.

Study Report

This report, based on all the previous steps taken, lists all the recommendations necessary to ensure the expected performances: the exact number and position of the equipment, the selection, the orientation, and frequency range, and the project’s cost.

Our experts work for you.
Our team of experts is at your fingertips. They are resourceful, creative and above all, very knowledgeable. Just like you, they love wireless, flawless and high performance. Thanks to our solution, all your buildings will be interconnected together on a single network in order to have easy and secure access with performance equivalent to optical fiber. 

Contact us! 
Our team can help you find the best solution to your Internet needs. Give us a call or fill out a request form. We are eager to work with you!



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