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Wi-Fi Experts and Wireless Internet

Features and Perks

N4 mobile is the expert in Wi-Fi, whether it is for your business offices, a warehouse, an outdoor space, your farm, or an outdoor event with thousands of customers connected at the same time, N4 mobile can provide the service you need.

Features and Benefits

Our business offers Wi-Fi solutions to a customer base who wants a reliable and performing network, which can cover a small or a big area, and offering a capacity according to the demands

Thanks to its expertise, N4 mobile keep its knowledge up to date with the latest Wi-Fi technologies.

A Unified System for Ease of Use

Everything starts with a good wave coordination and optimal dish placement to offer an optimal performance and diffusion cover. With a growing number of devices connected to your network, you will need an Internet solution that offers security, speed, and reliability. Our wireless solutions (including our Cloud management solution, Wi-Fi 6 access points, and our wireless controllers.) can respond to businesses’ needs and users’ expectations.

A Smart Network

Always have the strongest signal and the best speed, thanks to our Cloud technology which optimize automatically you network in the background.

Management At Your Fingertips

See customers and guests connected to your network in real time on our mobile app. You can set the speed the users can use and activate different Wi-Fi networks to separate users’ access among many other options that our experts can explain to you.

Tailored to Respond to a Variety of Projects:
  • Farms

  • Hotels

  • Shared Office Spaces

  • Restaurants

  • Multi-Storeys Buildings

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Conference Rooms

  • Waiting Rooms

  • Warehouses

  • Outdoors Spaces

  • Arenas

  • Public Events

  • Etc

Trust our experts!

Benefit from our knowledge and focus on your main operations by entrusting us with the development of your Wi-Fi service. A simple visit of the facilities will allow our experts to suggest a solution adapted to the covered area’s size.

Everything will be set up and installed by experts whose knowledge has been tried and tested throughout Quebec.

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