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From industrial automation platforms, to restaurants and retail stores, to fiber optic networks, wireless links and 5G, with N4 mobile as a partner in your telecommunications solutions, you can benefit from our extensive portfolio technologies, solutions and tools to enable more strategic decision-making, operational advancements and major industry developments.

  • Service adapted to the needs of each situation

  • Compatibility with all private network solutions

  • An increase in your productivity

  • Quick commissioning


Whether it is a recreational center, in your outdoor event, a restaurant, a car dealership, in the field of transportation, or any other outdoor public place, N4 mobile can offer you several wireless deployment solutions, adapted to your business needs and those of your customers. Our solutions offer you;

  • Wireless solutions with very large unified coverage

  • A commercial installation installed by our experts

  • Easy network management at your fingertips

  • Robust solutions that can support thousands of wireless devices

  • Centralized management

  • A mobile solution

  • Quick commissioning

If you want to receive more information or if you have any questions. You can contact one of our representatives who will be happy to assist you!

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