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Internet Back-up Service

N4 mobile‘s Back-up Service maintain the flow of your operations in cases of temporary interruptions of your main Internet connexion. Whether your Internet source is by optic fibre, cable, wireless, or LTE, N4 mobile can offer you a turnkey solution.

Your operations will never be interrupted by a technical problem again.

An Additional Protection!

With our Wireless Back-up service, you get a free router set with a custom-made protection for your business.

  • Detect malware, worms, and other malicious traffic.

  • DNS filters block traffic from sites with malicious content

  • The GeoIP filter allows you to block traffic, either incoming, outgoing, or both, by country.

  • Our router automatically scans endpoints (users) connected to your network to identify security threats and potential weaknesses.

  • Easily select and customize the levels of security against viruses, malware, and hacking, the point to point (PtP) protection, Internet traffic, and the website’s reputation.

Connexion Type for the Back-up Service

  • Optic Fibre Link.

  • Cable Internet Service.

  • Wireless Internet Service.

  • Cellular LTE Internet Service.

The Service includes:

  • A connexion backed up by two distinct, effective networks.

  • A turnkey service with an automatic switch between the networks.

  • A router for automatic management, rented for free. *

  • A DNS filter and malware protection service included. *

  • A Cloud management service supervised by N4 Mobile.


N4 mobile is first and foremost a winning formula that allows you to evolve and speed up your success, both big and small. Each victory is a source of pride for our team.

Let’s unite and speed toward your goals!

*Some conditions may apply.

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